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Everyone nowadays wants to be free of spam and phishing emails. People do receive emails with virus-infected attachments that attack the user’s machine when the user opens the email.

We know you’re tired of spam and receiving too many marketing emails in your inbox and want to know what to do about it. In this article, we are going to talk about what a disposable email address is, how to create one, and if it’s the solution to your spam or privacy problem.

So, what exactly is a temporary mailbox ?

A temporary email address is an address that you use for a short period of time and then discard.

Temporary Mailbox

The main difference between regular email addresses and temporary email addresses is that you want to delete the entire email address after use, not just an email. Unlike a permanent email address, a temporary email address is only operational for a short period of time.

It usually expires after a certain amount of time, making it suitable for use in a sign-up or registration phase. Disposable email, throwaway email, fake email, burner mail, or trash email are all terms used to describe this service. The goal is to provide a temporary email address that allows the user to sign up or register without fear of future spam or dangerous behavior. is totally safe

When signing up for a website, registering an application, and so on, we usually accept terms and conditions without reading them. In these terms and conditions, it is generally stated that personal information, including email addresses, may be shared with other companies.

Our team helps you protect your real email address from spam, advertising mailings, malwares. It’s anonymous and 100% free. Do you have any questions about who can use Anyone !
Consider the following example: 

  • Users who are concerned about their privacy: You will undoubtedly find the temporary email beneficial, whether you participate in sweepstakes or simply don’t want other people to know your true email address. Simply offer your new address to others or use it to register on any websites, and you can be assured that no one will be able to trace you using your email address. Only you will have access to information such as your name and IP address.
  • Users that require spam protection that is dependable: Modern email systems come with a variety of filters that are supposed to protect them from spam, but they aren’t always as effective as we would want. You can sign up for a variety of questionable newsletters by utilizing the temporary email address. You can also download any files or access the information you require at websites where you must register without being bombarded with spam. Your personal email address will be free of bothersome spam in this manner, which is incredibly important.
  • Users who seek to stay away from viruses: It’s one thing to send spam letters, but it’s quite another when they contain malware or phishing efforts. You certainly do not want to open a mail that appears to be from a website to which you have subscribed and experience troubles with your computer or smartphone. By using a disposable email account, you can avoid these problems and keep your device safe.
  • Software and web Developers: Fake email accounts can be used by software developers to undertake fast testing of any internet procedures. They will not have to delete these unneeded emails later because they will be automatically deleted.

How to create a temporary email address with ?

Using a temporary email addresses is a terrific method to access a variety of services while being safe online. Here is how you can use to start receiving emails on a temporary email address.

  1. Go to, and click on the “Generate Random Mailbox” button at the top right corner of the website, or click here directly. homepage
  2. At this point, you have 2 options:
    • You can enter a custom username in to the “Enter Username” text input field, and select an associated domain from the domains drop-down list.

      Generate custom temporary mailbox

    •  The other option is to let our engine generate a random email address for you. You just need, to click on button “Create a Random Email” to do so.

      Generate random temporary mailbox

  3. You can now use you new temporary mailbox and start receiving emails



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